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An Ode to PomeGreat!

An Ode to PomeGreat!

A big thank you to Derek from Cleveland for the following poem, it really made our day and we're so glad you enjoy our juice!

"I really had to write to say,

I’m just so glad you came my way,

Your ‘products’ are the best by far,

In fact I rate them all five star!

If you host a party or a do,

It must be ‘PomeGreat’ products for you,

PomeGreat is really great

So tell your family and your mate.

In summer, winter, autumn and spring,

PomeGreat products are just the thing.

PomeGreat give you so much more,

Quality, value and that’s for sure.

You will pay your bill and still be jolly,

When PomeGreat prices save you all lolly,

PomeGreat products make your life complete,

The opposition just can’t compete.

I send my best to management and staff

And hope this rhyme gives them a laugh,

These words are true I do not jest,

PomeGreat products are just

The Best!"